• May 30, 2020
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Mobile app development industry is so vast and is clearly expected to grow in the coming years. In fact, according to a research, the estimate value of mobile application industry will increase to $188.9 billion in 2020. That’s huge! Isn’t it?

So, let’s see what all we’ve got to try and do and what are the steps one must remember to become a mobile App developer!

There are 2 ways to become a mobile app developer: –

1) Learn Coding and become a Coder, or

2) Develop apps without coding

For the first scenario, you would like to pick the platform you wish to develop Android Applications or IOS Applicationsor any other (Windows or Blueberry).

You need to be confident within the above area because it’s the key step before moving into this whole app world because each of the platform has different needs and specifications and different programming language all-together. So, research about it then choose a platform. We might suggest you to select either Android or iOS Development. But again, it’s your choice!

Next step is to start out learning about the languages first,

For iOS app development — Programming Languages: Swift, Objective-C.

For Android app development — Programming Languages: Kotlin, Java

Whenever you get stuck while coding or in development phase, you’ll always seek advice from some developer platforms where you’ll get the solution for pretty much every query that you just get — Quora and Stackoverflow are some samples of developers platform.

For the second case, within which you don’t have to invest that much into coding is that you can learn the tools available in the market for mobile app development.

Always come up with an app idea first and these tools will help you to design your app efficiently.

Some toolkits for android app developments are:

Toolkit- Android Studio and Android Developers Tool: –

SDK: — Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

Some toolkits for iOS app developments are:

Toolkit- Apple XCode


But for using these tools, you must have some prior programming knowledge that may make your development process easy and fun.

Always remember these 5 steps before jumping into this world of App development:

1) Choose one major Platform– By this, you’ll be headed in one direction. We don’t seem to be saying that you just cannot develop cross platform application, ofcourse you’ll but if you’re a beginner in this field try going slowly but effectively.

If you wish to actually opt for cross development apps in the first go, we’ll suggest you some basic idea for what all things you must focus on:-

React Native + JavaScript/TypeScript- React Native introduces a completely unique, radical, and highly functional approach to constructing user interfaces. With React Native, your application logic is written and runs in JavaScript, whereas your application UI is fully native.

E.g. — Instagram and skype.

Xamarin + C#

Apache Cordova: — it’s an open source mobile app development framework. It permits you to figure on standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS3. It depends on standard compliant API bindings to access each device’s capabilities like sensor, data, network status etc.

It’s not that easy as it seems to develop cross platform applications but surely not that difficult. Just learn new things and practice more and develop your skills by selecting one platform first. Then gain confidence in one area and move towards next major step.

2) Learn Essential Background skills — Languages and toolkits that we’ve got mentioned above.

3) Practice and practice– Develop some interesting mobile apps as a project which you’ll showcase to other and even you’ll deploy it within the playstore.

4) Convert to Other platforms or Cross platform Apps– Now that you just have enough knowledge and confidence in this field,you are able to opt for cross platform apps.

5) Final thoughts — That was it. To conclude with, we might suggest you that don’t just start learning mobile app development immediately. Instead, take it slow to give some thought to a project you’d prefer to work on and begin your learning in this direction. Seek advice from YouTube videos and online learning platforms for guidance.

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Some ideas for beginners on which you can develop Mobile Apps are: –

  1. Gaming Apps — Snake game, Puzzles, and slowly move onto big games (you must be logical and comprehensive for it)0
  1. Basic Calculator
  1. Note Apps – You can write your important stuff inside it.
  1. Drawing apps – User can draw and save their images in .jpg or .png format

  • Learn a way to create a Drawing Application.

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Good luck for your new journey. Be consistent and start dreaming of a project you’d want to work on and begin learning for building your dream app!