• May 25, 2020
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According to weather forecast reports , the Amfan cyclone has hit the area of Bengal, Odisha and other states at a speed of 160/170 kmph.

This cyclone has killed around 80 people and ravaged several parts of West Bengal and Odisha. It has destroyed hundreds of homes and swamped low-lying areas of the state.


Several parts of Sunderbans gets washed out after this super cyclone hits the area. Sunderbans Affairs minister Manuturam Pakhira has said that nearly 17,800 hectares of agricultural lands have been damaged because of saline water that enters the farms from seas. This is surely going to be a black day for Sunderbans.

With heavy rainfall and outburst of cyclone, nearby places in Digha have been evacuated and around 500,000 (5 lakh) people are taken away from the coastal areas. Center gave Rupees 1000 crore assistance to West Bengal.

Heavy rainfall resulted in Power shutdown, Internet outage, Network outage and difficulty to commute from one place to another.

On the account of threat to the storm, 1704 camps have been built in Odisha. 1,19,075 people are rescued away from the coastal region. NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) AND SDRF (State Disaster Response Fund) took up the responsibility in Digha and handling the situation there.

Prime Minister Narendar Modi has visited the Cyclone affected areas on 22nd May,20 and took the aerial survey of the damages caused in Orrisa and Bengal.

West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee requested prime minister Narendra Modi to treat it as a national disaster.

The India Meteorological Department has said that β€˜Amfan’ has slowed down significantly and move over to Bangladesh as a cyclonic storm after hitting West Bengal. In the next three to six hours it will further disappear into a deep depression cyclone, that signify a further weakening of the cyclone.

We pray for the safety of our employees and everyone who stay there : Gargishree Das , Ayan Saha and Jayita Naskar we are with you. Stay Safe

Avigma Technology has closely followed the series of events of this massive disaster and is deeply disheartened at this site. We pray for your safety and well-being.πŸ™πŸ™

Please stay at home and call the helpline number in need :-

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