• January 5, 2018
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This could be an endless debate. Developers testing their own code? What will be the testing output? It’s a happy ending!. Of course, the person who writes the code can only see the happy paths of the product.

The main concern of testing of the product by the developer is the misunderstanding of requirements and if the requirements are not understood by developer then, developer cum tester will never find the error.

Optimistic developers
Definitely, I write the code and I’m very confident it’s working fine. There is no need to test this functionality as I know it’s working properly and at this point, developers skip the bugs.

Developer vs Tester
The developer always wants to see their code working properly, after all, it’s their baby. So the developer will test it to check whether it’s working or not because developers always know the traps in their codes. As you know why tester have to test the application? To make it fail. Here comes the main difference between developer testing and tester testing.

This is all applicable to all developer’s who are the good tester! But most of the developers think to test as a painful job. If developers find any bugs in their code in testing then it’s easier to fix, as the code is fresh to them, better than getting the bug from testers after work. This is only possible if the developer is interested in doing that much testing.

Its tester’s responsibility to make sure each & every functionality is tested or not.

There is no problem if developers are doing the basic unit and verification testing. Developers can also test few exceptional functionalities which are critical and should not be missed. But in this technical world, there are some good testers out there. Through the build to test team. Don’t waste your time as well. For the success of any project, there should not be the dependent team for testing validating your applications. After all, it’s tester’s responsibility to make the ‘baby’ smart.

1 comment on “Why developers are not good testers?

  1. Because developer always think whatever he develop its working properly.suppose he got defect then also he tried to hide because of work pressure. Developer not seen their application in negative point of view. So this is the main reason developers are not good tester.