Mobile App for a Online B2B Marketplace in India Offering B2B Transaction

How Avigma Technologies helped a Agricx Lab in India develop app to increase the relationship between buyer and seller(farmer).


Our client, Agricx Lab, was established in India 2016. Agriculture sector despite contributing 14% of the GDP is in desperate need of innovations. Area considered to be in urgent need of disruption are supply chain and market linkage.


In real market consumers are paying as much as 400% of price of the product which was produce at farm gate. Question is how to change that thing? Our proprietary technology will simplify price discovery, increase reach, optimize logistics routing and bring transparency to the entire process. Thus resulting in higher price realization for sellers and reducing cost for buyers at the same time.


User’s location:
One of the key requirements was to calculate how far seller(farmer) was from buyer(consumer) location. If the distance to the deal was calculated at the app level, the performance of the app would have been seriously compromised by the need to calculate this for multiple B2B transaction.

Another one of the key requirement is how buyer(consumer) and seller(farmer) keep the track of their crop(seller) and order(buyer). Our team spent lots of time to come with a solution. We provide a very convenient way to keep the track of there of crops(seller) and order(buyer).


The Application was designed to have the user’s device to send the location to a back-end server. SQL server then compared all the crops available in nearby location and then send back ‘distance to the crop’ data to the user’s device.
With Android OS, the team found a way for the app to compare available information with the database at the Back-End and display all the crop nearby the location of the buyer(consumer).


Location Based App:

Consumer can also search on the basis of the location, quantity and crop.


Both the buyer(consumer) and seller(farmer) can keep track of their crop and order.


If buyer have doubt about the crop so buyer can easily get in touch with seller with inbuilt messaging feature.

Mobile App for a Online B2B Marketplace in India Offering B2B Transaction
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