Comparison Between C, C++ and C#


  • C language is a general purpose programming language with a long history. C language is used for many different types of software, but it is particularly popular for system software, such as operating systems, device drivers and telecommunications applications. C language is widely used because it runs very fast. It can also access a computer system’s low level functions; this means it is closer to the hardware than some other programming languages. C language has become an official standard of the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI. Many other programming languages borrow syntax from C.
  • C++ language is a high-level programming language that builds on its predecessor C language by adding object-oriented features to it. C++ is very versatile and can be used for many different applications. C++ language is also an official ANSI standard. C++ language is used widely for applications that rely more heavily on a graphical user interface, or GUI. For e.g, many utility programs and device drivers are written in C language, while applications software with many user dialogues are written in C++. The name C++ language represents the evolution of the C language language because the two plus symbols represent the increment operator in C language.
  • C#(.net) is a programming language designed by Microsoft. It combines the functionality of C ¬†language and C++ language with Visual Basic. C#(.net) is used on many operating systems, not just Windows. C#(.net) is one of the languages used in the Microsoft .NET framework. While C++ language supports both object-oriented programming and procedural programming, C# language is strictly an object-oriented programming language. The name C# language was inspired by musical notation where a sharp indicates that the note should be made a semitone higher in pitch. The sharp symbol also resembles the combination of four plus symbols to suggest that the language is an increment of C++ language.

The Microsoft .NET framework is a programming infrastructure created by Microsoft. It is also referred to as Visual Studio .NET. It is used for building many different types of windows and web based applications, such as desktop software applications and web services. The .NET framework makes it possible for different programming languages to work together. However, C# language is the language specifically developed to create code for the .NET framework.

Comparison Between C, C++ and C#
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