Work from home - avigma technologies

Work from home - avigma technologies

As we all are undergoing tough situation of COVID-19, we all should take extreme precautions and preventive measures to stay safe, happy and healthy.

Given the challenges that we all are facing, we understand that working from home is not very common and we do get distracted because of our personal family life at home, But however this is an opportunity for all of us to prove that we can make things work and maintain the same level of productivity as expected, while working in such environment.

A few thoughts on WFH (Work from home) which have worked well for our Employees:

1. Have a specific workspace – Dedicate a certain area or space in your home, that you save just for work, it will help keep you in the right mindset. Because when you scatter your work around, your thoughts, papers, ideas and productivity get scattered too.

2. Actually get dressed – Staying in the routine of getting up and getting dressed in the morning will make it feel like your day has begun.

3. Set a schedule for yourself – Laying out a plan for the day and listing down what all tasks to be completed today will keep you accountable and productive. Structure is key.

4. Stay active – The less energy you expound over time, the less you will have. Resting for a couple of days will feel energizing, but if you need to be productive from home for a couple of weeks, you will lose steam. Resting up doesn’t always make you feel rested. If you’re getting up from bed, sitting down at the desk, and not moving much during the day…you will feel far more drained than if you stay active. Do some pushups, find an at-home workout routine, or even brave the gym if you’re diligent about sanitizing the equipment. Whatever you do though, keep your mind and body active.

4. Have dedicated break times – When you’re actually at work the day is broken up, whether it be a conversation with a colleague, taking lunch, or walking outside to take a personal phone call. Sometimes we think powering through the entire day without taking a break is a mark of productivity or badge of honor. But the truth is that burnout is real and failing to recharge will simply drain your batteries and make you even less productive in the long run.

6. Limit Distractions – This should be self-explanatory, but often overlooked because of how easily we get distracted. Set boundaries with others you live with about time needed to be productive. Use apps or browser extensions to cut down on social media scrolling. Having your attention split will not only cut down on your productivity, but vastly extend the time it takes to complete the same tasks.

Need more convincing? Be diligent about logging your work time or check screen usage on your phone to see just how many hours you’ve spent doing what. Quantifying the results is usually an eye-opener.

Take care and happy work from home. Please stay safe and healthy. !!