Salesman Customer Visit Tracking App:

Salesman Customer Visit App Solution is very effective to track visit record a large sales team. It is a technique to track activities of sales man who are visiting client’s site. Salesman can’t give a false report on their visit. This application is integrated with GPS feature that can record and track salesman location.
With the help of Salesman Tracking App you can increase the output of employee’s work.
It is the best way to get actual report of salesman’s daily activities.
Where ever you are, you can easily get work reports and can also review it later.

App Features for salesman:

1. Salesman Login
2. Customer visit Check in
3. Select visit date
4. Select Customer from list
5. Customer Location from map
6. GPS Enabled

Backend Features for Manager:

1. Add/Edit/Delete Salesman
2. Add/Edit/Delete Customer
3. Assign customers visit to salesman
4. Salesman Report of customer visit
5. Get Report of actual customer visit

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Cab/Taxi Hire Mobile Application

Cab/Taxi Hire Mobile Application

Mobile Cab application is a solution for everyone to get Taxi services easily and in a fast pace. It is a best way of communication for Taxi service provider and Passenger.
Mobile Cab application is very effective for those who are related to corporate world, Job going and do daily travel.
It is a smart way to walk with a smart Mobile world.
In today busy world no one has much time to wait for minutes & hours for a taxi or Bus, but by using Mobile Cab App you can be a time savy and get taxi services instantly at your door step.
Mobile Cab app is as useful as Mobile devices.
Mobile Cab App is highly recommended for Taxi Businesses and Car Rental Services. It is really very beneficial to get their business a height.

Mobile Cab App availability is for 24×7, so don’t worry in your urgent “Mobile cab app” always ready to help you


1. User Log In
2. Create profile
3. Select Pickup and Drop off Location
4. Select Date and Time
5. Book for ride and select vehicles from list
6. Ability to view Booking History
7. Ability to select Payment mode.
8. News update section about company.
9. Push Notification for News & Offers