• May 6, 2020
  • shyamlata
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IT sector all around the world has been hit hard with the COVID pandemic. Companies are compelled to make their employees work from home. Many new businesses and companies have not been able to cope up with the pressure created by this pandemic and have eventually succumb to this pressure. Technical giants are also not untouched by this pandemic chaos as COVID has led to shelving of a huge number of opportunities which are provided to technical employees and freshers in this hiring tenure of the year.

The IT industry of India which is valued nearly around $180 billion is expected to see a decline in its growth rate as the growth rate is expected to be just 3–5% in this financial year of 2020. On the other hand, it is also believed that this COVID can also led to workforce optimization by Indian organizations. Another thought which has come into light is that many companies may make their employees work from home even after this COVID gets over as it will not only help the companies to cut their charges on infrastructure,electricity etc. but also it will help to get a better productivity and efficiency as it seen in working pattern of many employees that their productivity and efficiency has increased while working from home.

So, what lies in the future is still unknown but one thing is sure that this COVID tenure will definitely bring a new change in the IT sector.