Easily organize your household information & documents, all in one place simplifying your life.

1) Bring all your household information and documents in one place from bank security questions and passwords, mortgages, loans, insurance details, brokerage accounts, social security details, property deeds, passport copies, drivers license and much more.
2) Personalized 16-digit encryption key. For added protection on the website we use AES-256 bit encryption and multi factor authentication same as your bank.
3) Keep all our household information in your pocket with access to your household information when you need it anywhere anytime.
4) In times of emergency share one password with your loved ones and family to give them access to all your important documents and household information such accounts and passwords.


Project Details

  • Category: AndroidiPhone
  • Client: Pooja
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Completed Date: 2021
  • Project Value: 6000