iPhone Application Development

HERETAXI – iPhone Application
Is a reliable and safe way to hail a vehicle for hire to your front door!
Is the fastest way to book a vehicle for hire!
Driver information instantly!
No Cash Needed!
No Additional Charges!

Book Instant Cab

Click “Book an instant cab” button on the map
Send Request Immediately to a Driver

Easy Login/Sign Up

To register click “Sign Up” then “Login”
Read the tutorial screens
Click “I got it. Lets get started” to Book a Cab

Book Cab

Hire Cab Now!
Call Cab by the Hour!
Pre-Book Cab!

Notification Alerts

First Alert – Be Ready! (Drivers Name) is about to pick you up
(Keep doing what you are doing driver is on the way)
Second Alert – Lets Go (Passengers Name)! Your Taxi is Here!
(Driver is here to pick you up! Walk out to your car!)

My Request

Pending Requests – Click “Pending” to Confirm

Confirmed Requests – Click “Accept” to Start Journey

Click “Start Journey” passenger receives alert that you are on the way

“Lets Go” when you have arrived at your pick up location

“Drop Off” when you have arrived at your drop off location


iPhone Application development -Heretaxi

Project Details

  • Category: iPhone
  • Client: HERETAXI