Android Application Kids ABCD & Nursery Rhymes is wonderful app for kids which helps them to learn English alphabets along with the sound and Rhymes.

This app consist of A-Z alphabets with images. This app consist of English alphabets with an example words and images.

1) Kids can learn alphabet from A to Z with pronunciation.
2) Preschool learning.
3) Image for each and every letters and sound.
4) Kids can learn alphabet with sample words.
5) Kids can also learn how to write alphabets .
6) Rhymes for the kids.

Hey kids! How was your day at kinder garden? We hope you sons and daughters celebrated in class together with your friends today! Well kids, we all know just what proportion , does one toddlers hate revising and studying or doing all of your homework. But it’s vital for us to stay revising for we’ll forget all about our college lessons! So kids, we at Kids Tv have come up with a fun way for you kids to revise for all of your subjects without even getting bored! Yes, play the video above and finish revising your alphabets before you kids attend bed!

This narrative collection has all the kindergarten favorites. But if we’ve missed anything, it’s only because we’re busy preparing more preschool compilations of the simplest English rhymes and kid songs we’ve to supply .

Hey kids, ABC songs and ABCD rhymes for children. Kids love this crazy festival and that is Halloween. Here we are playing with ABC characters. Nursery rhymes are the best learning tool for kids with kids songs, baby rhymes and songs for children

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Kids ABCD and Rhymes

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  • Completed Date: December 14, 2017
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