Hiring at Avigma Technologies

We all know that half an hour or one hour Interview doesn’t do justification to the potential candidate as well the company. There are few things which we are not able to judge during interview:
1. Ability to perform work within deadlines.
2. Discipline and Work Attitude.

Once we hire an Employee, they get to know the culture of Company and we can asses their potential, some Employees need very less training to become an asset for the Company. Such employees are not afraid of doing overtime to finish the task within deadline and don’t make excuses often which differentiates them from average Employees. Once we find such a talent, we make sure not to let them go easily, compensating them with desired appraisals, freedom to work on their own etc.

We have four positions available generally: Technical, Sales, Designers and Project Management. While in Technical we can still find best fit from their coding but Sales and Project Management are very few in first place and at the same time difficult to judge their skills in half an hour interview. For designers also little bit difficult to asses skills.

As of now we have four people for Project Management and Sales. Five people in designing and rest are in Technical position.

Hiring at Avigma Technologies
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